About Lubetech

Bokort Trading company is the official distributor for Lubetech sorbents in the Maritime sector. We offer all variants against sharp prices.

Lubetech sorbents are made from meltblown polypropylene – also known as MBPP. They are highly adsorbent thanks to the vast quantity of very small fibers inside each pad, roll, sock, pillow or boom. This allows them to adsorb up to 20 times their own weight. All sorbents are available in various configurations in order to suit every application.

Configurations include:
• Pads
• Rolls
• Booms
• Socks
• Pillows
• Drum Top Covers
• Complete Spill Kits Containing a Variety of Above Mentioned Configurations

There are 3 main types of sorbents:

Oil Only:

They adsorb all oil based liquids and repel water. This makes them unique in the fact that they can float on water and will only adsorb the oil. Oil Only sorbents are designed to adsorb various oils including lubricants, fuels, mineral oils, as well as vegetable oils (corn, olive etc.).


They adsorb all kinds of industrial liquids (both water based as well as oil based). They are ideal for use in factories whereby one has many different liquids including cutting fluids, lubricants, coolants etc. They are however NOT recommended for aggressive fluids such as acids and bases.


They are specifically designed to adsorb aggressive fluids such as acids and bases. They are the ideal sorbent for use in laboratories and other areas where aggressive fluids are present.

All the benefits

Highly Adsorbent

Adsorb up to 20 times their own weight depending on the confi guration and liquid being adsorbed. This allows one to do more with less. Other conventional sorbents, such as clay granules – may only absorb up to one time their own weight.

Lower Waste

Thanks to their high adsorbency factor – MBPP sorbents will lower your waste costs by up to 47% creating cost savings for your company.

Easy to Use

Where other sorbents such as granules may require sweeping, brooming and/or vacuuming – MBPP sorbents are as simple to use as a kitchen towel. Wipe up the spill and deposit used sorbents in the appropriate waste bins – thus saving time and money!!


Available in perforated pads, perforated rolls, socks, booms, pillows, drum top covers, poly-backedpads and rolls etc. This gives the user the opportunity to choose the right sorbent for their specific application.


Three main categories available including Oil Only sorbents. This allows you to soak up ONLY the liquids that you wish to adsorb – therefore not wasting money adsorbing undesired liquids.


Thanks to the ease of use aspect – one can use the sorbents as a preventative measure to cleaning up eventual spills. Most spills/leaks/drips occur in the same places over and over. Sorbents can be placed out in advance – thus preventing the liquids from reaching unwanted places – similar to putting a napkin on your lap before eating or putting a bib on a baby!

For more information visit the official nps website here!

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