We are the trusted official distributor of Spilfyter sorbents, a leading manufacturer renowned for their high-quality sorbent products. As an official distributor, we offer you access to a comprehensive range of Spilfyter sorbents, ensuring that you have the right solutions to effectively manage spills and prevent potential hazards. With a strong reputation in the industry, we are your go-to source for all your sorbent needs in the Maritime sector.

Our commitment to excellence means that we provide you with top-notch customer service and competitive pricing. We understand the unique requirements of the Maritime sector, and our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal sorbent configurations for your specific applications.

Whether you need pads, rolls, booms, socks, pillows, drum top covers, or complete spill kits containing a variety of sorbent options, Bokort has you covered. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can find the perfect sorbents to suit your needs, whether it’s for oil-based liquids, maintenance applications, or handling aggressive fluids.

Spilfyter Sorbents:

Superior Solutions for Effective Spill Control


Highly Adsorbent

With an impressive adsorption capacity of up to 20 times their weight, depending on the sorbent configuration and liquid type, Spilfyter sorbents empower you to achieve more with less. In comparison, traditional sorbents like clay granules typically absorb only up to their own weight, making Spilfyter sorbents the superior choice for efficient spill management.

Lower Waste

By harnessing their exceptional adsorbency capabilities, MBPP sorbents effectively reduce waste costs, leading to potential savings of up to 47% for your company. Experience cost-effective spill management solutions that not only minimize waste but also maximize your company’s financial efficiency.

Easy to Use

Unlike other sorbents like granules that often necessitate sweeping, brooming, and vacuuming, using MBPP sorbents is as effortless as using a kitchen towel. Simply wipe up the spill, dispose of the used sorbents in the designated waste bins, and experience the time and cost savings that come with this efficient approach.


Choose from a wide range of options including perforated pads, perforated rolls, socks, booms, pillows, drum top covers, poly-backed pads, and rolls, allowing you to select the perfect sorbent for your specific application. This extensive variety empowers users with the flexibility to tailor their spill management solution to meet their precise needs.


Discover three primary categories of sorbents, including the Oil Only sorbents. This unique feature enables you to selectively soak up the specific liquids you want to adsorb, avoiding unnecessary expenses on absorbing undesired liquids. Take control of your spill management process and allocate your resources efficiently with these targeted sorbent solutions.


With their user-friendly nature, sorbents can be employed proactively as a preventative measure for potential spills. Since spills, leaks, and drips often occur in recurring areas, sorbents can be strategically placed in advance, effectively stopping liquids from reaching undesired locations. This proactive approach is akin to using a napkin on your lap before eating or putting a bib on a baby, preventing any mess or damage. Embrace the convenience and foresight of sorbents to safeguard your surroundings from potential spills.

Choose Platinum Sorbents for superior spill management and experience the pinnacle of performance and quality. With Spilfyter’s renowned expertise and innovation, these sorbents provide the ultimate solution to meet your spill control needs. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence—opt for Platinum Sorbents and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior spill management.


Silver Sorbents excel in spill containment, preventing leaks and seepage, and protecting the surrounding areas. With their reliable performance, you can trust these sorbents to keep your workspace clean and safe.

When it comes to spill containment, Bronze Sorbents deliver. They effectively prevent leaks and seepage, safeguarding surrounding areas and reducing the potential for workplace accidents. Count on these sorbents to keep your environment clean and hazard-free.

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Our Spilfyter sorbents are crafted from meltblown polypropylene, also known as MBPP, which features an abundance of small fibers within each pad, roll, sock, pillow, or boom. This exceptional design enables them to absorb up to 20 times their own weight. To meet diverse needs, our sorbents are available in various configurations for different applications. Our configurations include:

  • Pads
  • Rolls
  • Booms
  • Socks
  • Pillows
  • Drum Top Covers
  • Complete Spill Kits containing a variety of the above configurations

We offer three main types of sorbents:

  1. Oil Only: These sorbents absorb all oil-based liquids while repelling water. Their unique ability to float on water ensures they selectively absorb oil. Oil Only sorbents are effective for various oils, including lubricants, fuels, mineral oils, and vegetable oils (such as corn and olive oils).

  2. Maintenance: These sorbents absorb both water-based and oil-based industrial liquids. They are ideal for use in factories where different liquids, such as cutting fluids, lubricants, and coolants, are present. Please note that they are not recommended for aggressive fluids like acids and bases.

  3. Hazmat: Specifically designed to absorb aggressive fluids such as acids and bases, Hazmat sorbents are perfect for laboratory and other environments where such fluids are present.

Explore our wide range of Spilfyter sorbents and experience the highest standards of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today and let us help you effectively manage spills with confidence.

Managing Marine Oil Spill Scenarios

Effective Strategies for Containment and Cleanup.

Small Fuel Spill

Small Inlet

Large Vessel

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